Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Think Warm Thoughts

Let's pretend for a minute.

There is no blizzard coming.

Strawberries are in season.

We need bug hats, not ear muffs.

Cool baths feel good.

My ears are not lost in chickie fluff, and the grass needs mowing.

The road is not covered in Ice
There is plenty of warm mud to play in

And the footing is lovely.


Jason said...

"Of course it's not going to snow Grey. Oh fiddlesticks. Darn those drifts. Where'd I leave the car ?"....this said from a former snowbelter to another...

SmartAlex said...

Today's problem:
Car hidden behind 8 foot snow bank at edge of parking lot does not receive signal from automatic car starter. Fiddlesticks is right!

Leah said...

oh my. . . that's not a good problem to have. As I shoveled the heap of snow the plow left at the end of our driveway up onto the banks along it that are as tall as I am I was definitely right there with you. It won't be too much longer Grey, February is a short month, and the worst (January) is over. Soon the grass will again be green, lush, and and the sun warm. Ahhhhh. . . For now, enjoy the frisky fun feelings and the beautiful sights and sounds of the crunchy snow beneath your hooves. It could be worse. . . you could be the one burried beneath that 8 foot drift!

Teaspoon said...

You can come visit me in TX Grey, where it is cold but at least there is no snow. I will share my hays with you.

Bif said...

Those are lovely thoughts, Grey... I'm stuck in a barn, due to the glacier. And I don't have an indoor.


Mirabelle said...

Right you are !
Love the pic with horse and shade :o)

so long,


Grey Horse Matters said...

Your grey boy is just beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, I appreciate it. Soon the weather will turn and there will be no more snow and all your pictures will come true.