Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bath Time

So here I am, soaking wet, tied to the wall.

I feel much better now, and I was sort of full of shenanigans today. It's been awhile since I got to go out in the hay fields. First we did a few days of schoolwork in the arena, then I was infected with a potentially deadly disease, then it rained. So I was feeling pretty good to be out. Aaand I may have been a little naughty. Anyway, I am back from what was supposed to be a quiet stroll around the freshly mown hay fields soaking wet with sweat and covered in flyspray scum. Brita had been saying how clean I've been lately. I'm almost all shed out and slicked up in my summer coat and I haven't had any mud to roll in.

Brita brought me in, skipped my snack, and tied me to the wall. I don't like being tied to the wall. But since she got that magic ring, I've gotten tired of trying to figure out how to pull the wall down. It just doesn't work anymore. nothing breaks, the rope just keeps coming and coming and coming... So I've learned to stand still. And this is what it gets me. Actually, the warm water did feel sort of good. but don't tell anybody. Aren't my dapples pretty when they're wet?


Bif said...

I'm jealous! You get warm water?? Mother bathed me Sunday and I swear she rinsed 5 times... cooold water. brrrr

tangerine said...

your dapples are rather lovely!