Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

This isn't actually my Mom, this is my Grand Mom who's name is Camilla Fox. But I figure my Mom looks pretty much like this anyway. Actually, I have three Moms. My real Mom, Galatea, my sarogate Mom who's name I don't remember (it was probably Mom wasn't it?), and my Human Mom. It's all very confusing. Apparently, I'm a miracle of modern science, and I have a brother and a sister born at the same time as me, and we were all raised by different volunteer Moms. Something about embryo transfer, which just sounds really expensive.

But now I have the best Mom who takes care of me every day. She makes sure that I get out to play every day. She makes sure I get fresh green grass, and sometimes that means she has to pick it herself and bring it to me. She notices when I don’t feel good and brings me a warm blanket. When she leaves the barn and walks past my stall she usually has a goody, but always tickles my nose. She makes sure my lunch box is always packed and I have water to go with it. Whenever we have company she brings me out to show me off, so I think I’m her favorite. And because of this, I try not to accidentally bite her too often.

So Happy Mother's Day to my favorite Mom.


Anonymous said...

Dear Pendleton (that's my favorite horse name you handsome dappled fellow)

Well thank you! You have been a great joy to me and I appreciated all the nice things that you said. Those bed time carrots must keep us feeling pretty close too, oh no, that's right now it's celery!!


Bif said...

What wonderful mothers you have!


My name is Roxie said...

Hooray, Mom lady!!