Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Out Back

I barely got to spend any time at all in the big pasture this summer before it was taken over by cows. But this week we have a whole new arrangement! Uncle Dad used some of the corral panels to make a path from the barn to the small pasture out back behind the indoor arena.

It's a whole lot bigger than the small areas around the barn that we've had access to all summer. Now I can get out there all by myself, and if bugs eat me or I start to worry that I'm missing something in the barn, I can get all the way back to the barn aisle. That way I don't have to run and stomp and holler if I get left out. I can "run-in". And just because it's called a "run-in" that's exactly what I do. I run in, and I run out. Then I run back in. It's great!
Today I was having so much fun out there in the sunshine that when Brita came I didn't bother to come to the barn to see her.
I mean who needs to go for rides when there is grass and sunshine free on demand? So, she took another horse out for her ride. I saw them go up the driveway, and I looked up from my grass and felt jealous for just a minute. They were gone a really long time... like ten whole minutes or more. Then I realised I had missed the ride and all the good stuff that goes with it. So I came storming into the barn to wait for her to come back.
How could she go without me?

Can I have my cookies anyway?

I'll have to be more careful from now on and not get so carried away with my new freedom that I miss out on all the usual fun stuff.


Bif said...


That's funny, I have an Aunt Grandma! I understand about Uncle Dad.

Oh, and by all means, you should get your cookies. It wasn't your fault that you didn't ride. Brita could have walked out to you. You are a good horse, and good horses deserve cookies.

Do you get Mrs. Pastures cookies? I am getting low here, cookie famine you know. Is there a famine in New York? Maybe I should make a move... I like cold weather!


Serena said...

SO photogenic!! :) You can definitely tell when he is miffed.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm sure you'll get to go next time and have fun. Who could resist you, you're one handsome guy. My favorite horses are grey and I think after seeing your picture, I am in love.