Monday, November 23, 2009

My Showbill

Brita's birthday was last week, and we got her something special... to encourage her to teach me more tricks, and to celebrate the ones I've already learned. I think it's lots of fun! Even Uncle Dad got in on the act with a poem to accompany the gift...

Ladies and Gentlemen,
May I have your attention please!
You're about to see a trained horse act one seldom sees
A spectacular display of equine intelligence and ability
There are a select few horses with this amount of agility
And the trainer so to be commended for an unusual skill
Not many horses can be trained to do what this one will
He'll fetch a ladies glove if she'll let it drop to the floor
Then hand it back to her (you can hear the crowd roar)
Then Brita makes her horse do his bow his special way
Again there is applause for Brita and William P. Grey
I can't wait to see what tricks are on the agenda for the long cold winter months. And special thanks to artist David Miller who added the lettering and portraits of me to the stock Cowgirl print. David isn't a horse person, but he read my blog and did wonderfully capturing my personality!

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