Monday, November 2, 2009


I had an awful nightmare last night. I dreamt I was at an auction. At first I thought it was a horse show because there were lots of other horses there, and everyone was getting groomed and ready just like we were going to show. But when I got to the ring, I was the only horse there and everyone was staring at me and whispering to each other, and the announcer talked really fast. I tried my best, but it made me dizzy. Somehow I knew I had to try my very very best or things would go badly. In fact, I felt as though my very life depended on it.

Before I knew it I was back in my stall, and my people and the horses I came with were gone and I was all alone in the world. A man came I that I didn't know. He didn't talk to me or pat me or anything. He silently led me out of my stall and to a trailer. I followed him because I didn't know what else to do. I looked for someone I knew, but they were all strangers.

At first I was afraid to get on the trailer because I didn't know anyone and everything was strange. But they pulled on my rope and spoke gruffly, and I was afraid not to do what they said. I got on the trailer with other horses and we rode all night in the dark.

When we stopped, I didn't know where I was. Everything smelled different and there were strange people and strange horses, and they didn't know my name. They gave me food, but it wasn't the same as the food I was used to, and there wasn't quite enough. I didn't know what came next or what the new people expected of me.... I wasn't sure I was in a safe place....

When I woke up this morning, at first I didn't know where I was. Everything began to swim back into focus. I was still here at home in my own stall, and Mom was opening the door to give me my breakfast. She said she was glad to see me and said nice things about me. Briefly, I remembered when I first came here and everything was strange at first. I came from that auction far away when I was quite young. I remember trotting back and forth and doing my best. I picked my knees up as high as I could and put my ears up.

Then it was over and I went back to the stall. Mom and Brita came to my stall and introduced themselves and petted me and admired me. The tall lady who was in charge told them I was still a little nervous around people. They brought brushes and a warm blanket and food. They put boots on my legs and took me to a room where I could run around and play, and they laughed when I snorted and petted me and told me I did well. They came back often the next couple of days, then they took me to a trailer. I remember that the ride was very long. I was afraid, but when it would stop, someone would always open the door and pat me. This is my first picture at my new home. I had just gotten off the trailer. I was happy to be in the place Mom and Brita said was "home".

I didn't have many close friends back then so I didn't really miss anyone. I tried to go along and do as I was told because they were nice to me. Things ended up very well for me. I'm happy in my home, and I barely remember the places I lived when I was growing up. I hope the nearly 500 Saddlebreds who were sold at the big Tattersalls Fall sale this past weekend do OK. Some sold for only a couple of hundred dollars, less than the cost of a nice bridle or a new set of shoes. I know it is scary to go to a new place and sometimes the work might be hard, but do your best and don't kick or show your teeth. Hopefully you find a safe home and your new people will be kind and look after you like mine do.

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Bif said...


I'm sorry you had that scary dream. I never had to go to an auction, but I went to Equine Affaire and that was very strange, hundreds of people petting me I didn't know.
I am glad we both found people that take good care of us. If Mother hadn't gotten me, I would be dead by now, from starving because I couldn't eat well with my infected tooth, or septic and died, or sent to an auction and then Canada. I know I am lucky.
Mother worked the Keeneland sales many times. She once followed up a four or five years later with a $170,000 yearling she really liked, and the trainer said they would be happy to give to her. She flew down to Florida to see him, he even seemed to recognize her, but he was too lame for Mother to risk taking then. She always felt bad about that.
I was only $500. Of course, I have about $13-15,000 dollars in surgeries, vet bills, and trailering, but she loves me and will keep me forever even though I can't be ridden. Some of us are so lucky!