Monday, October 5, 2009

Get me outta here!

Remember that cute little baby colt I was so enamoured with this spring? Well, he has grown up into a big noisy teenager and he is living right across the hall from me. This weekend they took the poor little brat away from his Mom and he is still whimpering and whining about it. He kept me up all night.

This morning when it was my turn to go out, I wanted to get out of earshot for some peace and quiet. (Editor's note: Mom said W.P.'s face said quite plainly "get me as far away from this as possible!") So I got to spend a pleasant morning out in the "corral" where I have a beautiful view of the surrounding neighborhood.

Then in the afternoon Brita came for a ride. With all this hubub surrounding the colt, my rides have been a bit neglected, and I couldn't wait to get out and stretch my legs. The kid seems to be running out of steam, and when I came back later, it was relatively quiet in the barn. I sure hope I can get some sleep tonight.

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My name is Roxie said...

Oh my gosh! You is SO pritty! For a boy horse, i meen.
I is glad ther is an other horse bloggin. I has a Horse Blog too.