Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wandering Woman and "Date Night"

I'm having a bit of a problem keeping track of all my women. They are wandering away from home and out of sight, and I don't like it one bit. You see, we have a new grazing area, and I can't see it from the barn. We all have to take turns in it. I love to go out their and graze alone, but when someone else goes out, and leaves me behind at the barn, I feel very left out.
Last night I was flirting with Copy who was outside my window till late in the evening. This has been going on a while now. Every night I flirt if she is in the "mood" (she's moody)! But recently she got to go out into the round pen where there is new grass and big skies. I wanted to go out there too. Well, then I did get out there, and I could smell that she and Ace had definitely been there.

So, last night I "asked her out", thinking it would be fun to both eat grass together. Well, she took me seriously! She broke out and stood waiting for me to join her.

Oh gosh, Mom got there too soon. I hadn't figured a way to escape. It was a great plan in the making, but we hadn't gotten it perfected. I guess I'll just have to call and run and kick and steam about when she goes out, and hope someday I get to go out there with her. (Editor's note: Yeah right!)

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