Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Firey Horse...A Cloud of Dust...And a Hearty....

...Hey! Knock that Off!

Since I moved to New York 4 years ago, I've sort of been the Lone Ranger. I grew up on a big farm, running in the fields with lots of other horses my age. But since I've moved here, I haven't been turned out with any buddies.

Brita has been promising me that I could make some friends. So, I wasn't completely surprised when I went out to the paddock today and it was already occupied. Hairy was already out there. I've met Hairy before. He lives in the stall next to mine, and sometimes we say hello when we pass by each other.

We said "Hello", but I didn't make a big deal out of it.

It was nice having a friend out there.

Everything Hairy did...

I did too...

We became instant friends... I did kick at him once to show him I'm the boss, but Hairy is a pacifist, and he just trotted out of my way.

Then Hairy's older brother Face-Off came out to play.

He's a lot grumpier than Hairy, and he didn't want to be friends.

We sort of ignored each other, and for awhile, everyone got along.

Then I decided enough was enough. I am the most special horse around here, and obviously I should be the boss of everyone. We all ran around a little pretending to be tough. It was pretty exciting! It was alot like playing cowboys and Indians!

All that kicking made me mad. I thought about it for awhile, then I figured out how to trap Face-Off against the fence, and I let him have it! That made him really really mad, and he started using his teeth too, and really being mean. I wasn't going to back down, and pretty soon Mom and Brita came out and yelled at everybody, separated us, and made us all go back to our rooms.

It was a pretty big dust-up. Hairy is still my friend, but not Face-Off. I'm not so sure this towns big enough for the both of us.


Julie said...

That was too funny.

Just came back to work - so I will be posting on the sidesaddle blog mroe frequently. Also - just posted pics of my sidesaddle before and after the restoration!!!

Leah said...

Awesome- Grey, you've got some moves man! Did your mom see that nice rollback/cantering pirouette that you did? You might just be a Grand Prix dressage horse after all! Too bad you and Face Off didn't get along- it's awful fun out in the pasture though- beats sitting in a stall all day long.