Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It's Elementary My Dear

Brita says I can count but I can’t add.

At the end of each ride, I get a treat.  It consists of three handouts.  Usually peanuts.

Handout (one...)
Unbuckle near side girth
Handout (two...)
Unbuckle off side girth
Handout (three...)
Remove saddle

The other day I got a special treat of celery. But it came in two pieces.  
This is unfair!  I work hard for these handouts!

Brita went and got some peanuts.  She gave me two hands full.  SHORTED AGAIN!
I will not stand for this!  I know my rights.  I get THREE!  No, that was NOT four.  That was TWO.

Exasperated, Brita went back for more peanuts.  One Two Three…
That’s more like it.

Brita says if I’m smart enough to count, I should be smart enough to add.
I got 7 handouts.  Ha Ha.  I may not know my Addition but I know my Manipulation.


Bif said...

Seriously, Grey, it is beneath us to beg for celery.



Kalin ♥ said...

Glad to know my horse isn't the only one who knows!!! :) The other day, after a long ride, I went to go put tack up and put Red, my horse, in the stall. The owner of the barn who just bought his first horse and doesn't know too much about them was shocked to hear/see my very lazy, calm horse kicking the door and whinnying at me. He worriedly asked me if he was hurt or something, and the moment I walked in his stall, he put his head down in my pocket and took the treats out. He took a nap afterwards. :))
Kalin from Sittinginthesaddle.blogspot.com