Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Joy of Spring

The weather is fine and I have a spring in my step! There are teeny tiny shoots of grass. Ever so rare but juicy and tender.

I've shaken out all the winter dust, and cleared my pipes.

I'm working out all the kinks.

It feels so good to get out in the warm sunshine and get things aired out and fluffed up.


Anonymous said...

We've got several horses that like to chase dogs and a few even follow along beside the tractor but I never have seen a horse chase cars quite like that before. You're unique, Grey.


Bif said...

Hope you are enjoying the great weather.

It was fun watching you *almost* deciding it was the right place to roll, then EXPLODE. Like a great suspense film.

I admit to figuring out the ending when the SUV starting coming into sound and view. "Oh, he's going to get up and just GO!" You did not disappoint!

I assume Brita stayed on terra firma today? Or did you work out enough kinks to be a safe and steady(ish) steed?

SmartAlex said...

The catch is that he tends to chase cars when we're hacking down the road too. Except for the heat of the summer, the safest choice for traffic passing us is to halt and face the vehicle so he isn't tempted into an "unauthorised upward gear change".

I stayed on terra firma today. In fact, I decided to turn him loose after he proved he couldn't hold it together even while grazing on those precious green blades of grass.