Saturday, February 18, 2012

'Round and 'Round and 'Round We Go

Where this stops, nobody knows...

After I got used to having two bits in my mouth, and the curb rein buckled to the bareback pad, we added the snaffle rein. I got to run around with that arrangement for a few days. It isn't much bother. With the reins so long, the only feeling I got was a slight motion as their weight swung the bits a little.

Because we had the bareback pad on, Brita could hop on for a little ride towards the end of each work out and take up contact on the reins... not ready to ride yet... so I need some work in lines.

My bareback pad is replaced with a surcingle, and the snaffle rein is removed and replaced with long lines. The curb rein is buckled through the center ring on the surcingle. At first she didn't even take up contact, just let the weight of the lines take it up. I set my head up really cute. I'm very light mouthed, and just the weight of the reins is enough to get a response.

We go through my paces both ways of the ring at a walk, trot and canter. I am obedient enough on lines that my trainer only needs one hand, leaving the other hand free for movie making.

Once the camera is put away, the lines can be taken up, and contact adjusted to keep me bent along the circle. If my mouth is happy, and I am receptive to learning that day, then the lines are shortened and we do some "ground driving" in figure eights and serpentine. This DOES require two hands. It also sends a lot of new and complicated information through the double bits. Brita can watch from a distance to see what is going on which is the reason long lining is so useful. From my back she can't see as well what mistakes she is making and we can concentrate on me and giving me experience with the bridle.

How'd I do? Good?


Anonymous said...

SO obedient and handsome! :)

Leah said...

Grey you did awesome! Such a good boy and you listen so well!