Thursday, August 11, 2011

Oh No! My Feets!

You know that all this hot dry weather and hard ground had to take it's toll eventually...


My feets hurt

The ground has been like concrete. And the road crew spread rocks on my jogging path. So I have been a little tender footed lately. Not lame, but very short and careful. I pick my way around the rocks and trot uneven on hard ground. My farrier came and looked and said he found a "nasty black spot". I wish I could have seen, but it was on the bottom near my toe. Yup, that's where it hurts.

So Brita ordered some Magic Goo which she spread in my feet. When I put my foot down, is squished out the back. Now I know how people feel when they walk barefoot in mud and it squished between their toes. Ewwwwww......

She patted sawdust on the bottom, and wrapped my hooves to keep me from tracking it all over the barn. Don't my toes look fancy?
They're my Magic shoes.

I feel so sporty!


Jason said...

Kinds like tender tootsies, except for horses, eh Grey ?

Hope the black spot heals quickly. We've had our share of them around here this summmer too.

Bif said...

I think your blue shoes look kind of fun... not that I want Mother putting those on me, you understand!

Leah said...

oh how do you like that Magic Cushion? I think it's good stuff! Used it under Louie's pads when he was just reset.

Does it make your tootsies feel better?