Thursday, July 21, 2011

How Hot Is It?

It's so hot, the grey horses are melting like snowmen.

My time with Brita is usually in the hottest part of the day. It’s too hot to do anything, even too hot to ride in the shady woods. I’m usually all melty and cranky to start with anyway, so first I get a cool bath,

and then I stand in front of the big fans to dry off, and Brita rubs all my itches with a big rough towel.

The fans are big enough that they even blow a horse around.

When I am feeling refreshed, we try to find some grass worth eating. There isn’t much left.

But we have a secret garden in a low part of the lawn where the grass is still lush and green.

First we sneaky through the old garden gate. Shhhhh.....

Then we check the flowers to see how they are growing.

There is a little dappled shade there too which looks good on me.

After I've eaten my fill of the lush, green grass, we sneaky back out so no one knows our secret.

Brita moves one of the big fans in front of my stall, and I find just the right spot to stand and doze the afternoon away. We are waiting for the rain, or at least a cool breeze.


Tricia said...

WPG, your post made my day! I am not, however, going to show it to the horses who live here because they would most certainly want their very own secret garden gate! Stay cool, brother!

Bif said...

Does Mom know you and Brita sneak in there?

Mother has been hosing me (and Belle) off a lot lately, too. It has been awfully hot...

I need to talk her into the fans. I had a fan down at the other barn, but there isn't a good way to set one up for us in the run-in.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Your guy looks like he's got this heat wave all figured out between the hosing off and the fans. Pretty cool to have your own secret garden with your personal stash of emergency grass.