Thursday, June 2, 2011

Make Hay When the Sun Shines

The heat wave has broken, and today was the most beautiful summer day ever. Crystal blue skies, cool breezes, sunshine ... The best sort of day to be a horse.

The best news is the hay fields are being cut for chopped haylage, and there is finally firm earth baking in the sun and drying in the breeze. Perfect for a gallop. We have not been able to enjoy the fields at all yet because of the record rains. No sooner had Brita mounted up than one of those awful big trucks went rumbling by on the road. We beat feet for the first cut field which had been put up yesterday, and we had just cleared the roadside when the second truck appeared on the horizon. I took a good look at that, and Brita had visions of the last time we were in this predicament but I was more interested in stretching my legs and minding my manners.

We got a good trot around the field when the rest of the haylage procession showed up. One big green chopper, two tractors with hopper bins, then two more big trucks! We headed for the road so we wouldn't be trapped as they seemed to need our field to turn around in. There was a lot of commotion, and engines revving, and chopping and dumping on top of the cool breezes and sunshine. I trotted up and down the road in perfect form pretending I was in the show ring at the County Fair with all the farm equipment and activity. I kept my head, and my I looked fine.

After doing our fields and road work, we headed to the riding arena for a quick canter and I'll have you know I did nothing naughty. I took each lead with perfection and cantered politely. I have learned my lessons well. I barely broke a sweat, and I'll bet Brita even made it back to her office on time. I was faced with a whole army of monsters, and I behaved like a nobleman. Yes, today is a perfect day.


Jason said...

Good for you Grey ! Glad your heat has broken...ours is just getting started. I've wondered out loud why we pick the hottest week EVERY year to roll hay around here. (Because that's when our tropical grasses are ready to cut is the redundant answer.)


At least the trough is getting lots of use.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Grey you are a good man! Dealing with all of that activity with ginormous loud machines - great job!!!!! I know Brita is super proud of you :)