Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I tried to save them... but they wouldn't listen.

This morning the Evil Transporter Device backed up to the cow pasture gate and the two fat steers were loaded and taken away. I did my best to save them. I bucked and kicked and whirled and whinnied at the top of my lungs like I do whenever the Evil Transporter is in action.

Mom shut me in the barn so I couldn’t see, but still I cried. “Nay.... do not go into the Transporter Device. It is very dangerous!” I was so insistent that Uncle Dad threatened to muzzle me.

They did resist, but the fat steers are so passive (and I suspect a bit dumb) so in the end, they succumbed to the persuasion and bribery and were taken away. The Evil Transporter has returned empty to lurk outside the barn and I fear I shall never see my bovine neighbors again. Alas, the insatiable, yawning, maw of the Transporter Device frets me so. Nothing good can come of this.


Jason said...

Oh, I think they'll be back soon enough, Grey. Just maybe....transformed...a bit is all. :)

Bif said...

Yeah, yeah, um... They went on a vacation is all.

Or... uh... they've gone on to a better place? That's it.