Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Cure for the “Octobers”

It finally stopped raining! Hooray! We haven’t seen the sun in over 10 days, and we were rewarded with a perfect autumn day… high, crystal blue skies, lush green grass, and brilliant color. What a view… and what’s that I spy?

Tally ho!

The oatfield, now lush with a winter cover of red clover, was a bit mushy, but the gusty winds will soon take care of that! As soon as I rounded the lower end, I slipped into a brisk canter just knowing that I would be allowed to breeze up the side. Brita had forgotten her grab strap so she gave me a cautionary warning and tried to keep up. I held it together (despite a motorcycle whizing by) and it felt so good to get out and stretch my legs!

Mom met us on the roadside to take some pictures.

I don’t remember my canter depart being that ummm…. abrupt. Normally I am a pretty mellow fellow. But it made for inspirational photography!


Jason said...

Looks like ya'll were flying high, wide and lonesome ! Did Brita get you after the fox, Grey ? :)

It also looks like a gorgeous fall day in Western NY !

Leah said...

very cool Grey! You're practically a fox hunter now! :) Way to go! They should bring you along on hunts to be the radar- you can spot suspect objects from miles away and sound the alert!

SmartAlex said...

Unfortunately the fox was two fence lines away... where is a gate when you need it?!? That fox looked a lot closer that the photo. It was beautiful, bright red and very curious. Of course I had to dig my camera out of my snapped vest pocket and try to get a picture while juggling reins (I had no idea if I was aiming at the right two trees) and trying to convince Mr. Ansty Pants that "yes, we can gallop... in a minute! Whoa dammit." The fox kept stopping and watching the spectacle. It wasn't much worried about being chased.

Leah said...

So Louie recently decided he wants going to be a fox hunter too! We saw a fox in the outdoor riding arena on Sunday night just as I was about to go for a ride. Then Monday, one of the barn workers said that he had been watching Louie in his pasture when he saw a fox go into his pasture. Louie chased that fox, high tailing all the way across and out of there, then stood at the end of the fence guarding his pasture from it! Wow! I wish I would have seen that!