Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Schooling Haute Ecole

It seems we just can't get any serious work done, these days, without being interrupted by monsters. No sooner had we gotten saddled up than a troop of tree killers arrived right outside the arena with a Bob Cat and chainsaws. I found it difficult to concentrate, but was well behaved until the Lime Green Ax Murderer sprang from the bushes.

See... there he is right there. Lurking just like Big Foot.

We stopped to watch them for a few minutes, then Brita decided our schooling session was done because she no longer had control of my neck. As we exited the arena and down the slope towards the barn, I made use of my nice warm up session, and began schooling myself in the Croupade.

It's a very difficult piece of Aires Above the Ground, and earned me a trip around the yard and up and down the driveway to collect my thoughts before we headed back to the barn. Admit it, if you knew a Lime Green Ax Murderer was lurking in the underbrush behind you, you would have been jumpy too.
P.S. Brita stayed in the general vicinity of the saddle. But she called me a naughty word.


Jason said...


Only ONE naughty word ? Heck, I did better than that when I read this in my living room tonight !

Next time you see her, please tell Brita that Melissa and I like what she writes very much. We both understand how difficult it is to write even with a FULL set of faculties and we'd really like to encourage Brita to make every attempt to keep her's intact.

When humans land on their heads, which sometimes happens when horses get scared, it has the potential to damage their ability to write, along with a lot of other (even more important) things. On a selfish note, I'd kind of miss her feedback on my blog. Sometimes her comments, along with those of one or two other readers, let me know whether or not I hit where I was aiming.

Believe it or not, I don't think you are the only one who gets nervous at this point when big green monsters and alien silage wagons intrude on otherwise pleasant riding conditions. Maybe next time it'l be quieter in the ring. I'm sure Brita looks forward to the day when she doesn't have to scan the area for threats before mounting.

Bif said...

When humans are not quick enough to get all the pictures, it is nice they can find such excellent illustrations as Brita finds for you...

Chris said...

Ah yes, Rebel also likes to practice the Croupade. Something selectively bred into the Saddlebreds, no doubt. ;)