Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Big Five-Oh

We've tipped the scales at fifty followers! Jason, I think it was you. Who knew that dumping my rider would get us just the publicity we needed to reach this milestone.

And now as a reward, some old pictures you haven't seen of other firsts in my life.

My first picture at my new home (I still have my hip sticker on)

My first try at being a five gaited horse (Look Ma, no Helmet!)

Going to pick up my first blue ribbon.

Stay tuned for more adventures.........


Jason said...

My pleasure, Grey ! :)

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that after three years of watching my wife blog and six months of blogging myself, I just now figured out the "follow" option. I have been reading (if not formally following) your blog for quite a long while.

William Pendleton said...

You won't find Mom on the follower's list either, but she out there! Aren't you Mom?

Anonymous said...

You betcha I am there Grey! I was happily surprised to see your celebration of 50 followers. You are stides ahead of most horses in creative adventures and I think you are ...beeutiful too!

Jenny said...

Hello! I'm #52 (Jenny)
I just recently found your blog and love your point of view. I actually went to Josie's (my Spotted Draft) barn last night and found myself seeing her point of view. Ha! she's smarter than she leads on.
Looking forward to reading more for you...