Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Best Thing About March

.... is no bugs. I can nap in the sun and not worry about getting bit. I get soooo sleepy.

I managed to stay dry until Brita got here today. We went for a nice little ride on the flat route and did quite a bit of trot work. She says I did really well and that without shoes on I have more extension in my stride.

When we were done, I went back out in the sun and rolled in the mud.

Both Sides. I'm sure she's glad she didn't waste much time on the beautification routine.



Bif said...


I see you have one of those small holes hay nets, too. Mine drives me nuts!

Mother says she has given up on having me presentable during the muddy times... happiness is lowering your standards, I guess.

How's the diet going? I've never tried celery, perhaps I'll ask Mother... does it taste like Mrs. Pastures?

SmartAlex said...

No, celery doesn't taste like Mrs. Pastures. It tastes juicy and crisp like the best grass. Especially in March.

The small hole haynet is OK. It keeps my wet hay from falling on the floor and getting dirty. For dry hay I really prefer the big net.

My diet is going well. I think I've lost a few pounds and my girth fits better.