Wednesday, February 3, 2010

One Eyed Willy

I owied my left eye. I must have scratched it on my hay bag. It hurts a little, and I can't see very well out of it. Brita squirted some stuff in it and looked real close and said she saw a scratch in there. Mom gave me some medicine. That made me mad. I came all the way into the barn like a good boy because they said they had something for me and then she squirts funny tasting applesauce in my mouth. Bleh.

Brita came back later with some sticky stuff in a tube. She says Dr. Best sent it. My eye does feel a little better. Except for the sticky stuff of course. It isn't all watery and I don't have to squint as much but still, it's no fun. It makes things look funny and then I get nervous. Good thing the sun isn't shining. Then it would be really bad. Owwww..... I feel bad for myself.


Julie said...

Poor boy. BTW - LOVE your header!!

Bif said...

Sorry about your eyeball... And I hate when humans like to squirt things in places that really belong to me. I hope Brita is nice to you afterwards, like with cookies.

I nearly got a scrub brush in the eye the other night... I thought it was a bird, but I realized later it was a projectile intended to startle Rebelbebel from his bad behavior, and the thrower's aim was dismally poor... I am just glad I wasn't injured!

SmartAlex said...

Grey's eye is doing fine. The slice I saw (looked like a hair across his eye) diminished to a ripple then disappeared. We're going to use up the ointment, which he hates. We get some in there once in awhile.