Monday, December 28, 2009

Thanks Santa!

Santa was very good to me. I got Pears! And Carrots. And a huge Peppermint stick that I didn't even know was edible. Everyone else got stuff too. There were Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Balls for each of us. And my girlfriend Copy got all pink brushes, and her little tyke Ace got a grown up set of grooming tools too. Now I don't have to share mine and get girl and teenager cooties. Then I got something Brita called "Scratch-the walls" or something.

And I got a funky new sweater. It was inevitable. But I sort of like it. It isn't something I would have picked out for myself, but it's pretty comfy, and it might come in handy if I get stuck out in the cold rain and get shivery.

I love my Uncle Jimmy ball. I didn't even know I had an Uncle Jimmy, but I sure thank him for the gift.

It's hard to get ahold of though....

Then I helped Brita install my "Scratch-the-walls" or Scratchnalls or whatever they are. At first I thought they were some sort of chewy toy. But before too long I accidentally found a good use for them. They are great for scratching my neck! Now they are all full of white hair.

So all of us had a pretty good Christmas. I know Copy and Ace got carrots too, and we shared our pears with Hairy.
Did anyone else get any goodies from Santa?


Bif said...

Those sound like good goodies, not just things the humans want but you would have no use for...

I got lots more Mrs. Pastures cookies, and some apple flavored hard things, and peppermint flavored ones, and there are lots of candy peppermints and Mother has actually given me some the last few days, she usually doesn't give me those and oh, I had hot, stove cooked oatmeal for dinner the other night, with a little salt and lots of sugar mixed into my grain... YUMMMM!

Mother said she'd worried I might be eating too much sugar... oh, well!

Pony Girl said...

William, you are a very handsome horse! I love the picture of you on your header, trotting through the snow.
My horse loves those treat balls too. Funny though, his pasture friends finish one in a couple of days, but he takes a month to eat all of his, lol! The only thing I don't like is how it makes his mouth all sticky and messy!
Happy new year!

My name is Roxie said...

I gettded a Jolly Ball! It is green. Oh an i gettded lots of peppurmints and grain foods, and i gettded a new salt block too. Hooray!

c2b said...

Happy new year from across the pond. I like reading about your life. Love Zoe xx