Saturday, December 5, 2009

Frosty Mornings

The weather has gotten quite cold now. All the mud in the back paddock is frozen and rough, with hoof shaped holes full of ice. After enjoying my hot sugar beets for breakfast, and a quick pile of hay over the fence with the cows, Ugly Betty and Ethel Merman, Brita and I went for a stroll.

I am officially on vacation until spring. I have all my shoes off (on purpose), and I have gotten a bit out of shape. I was full of vinegar, but Brita said she didn't have time to wait for me to dry if I got sweaty, so I behaved. I only tried to gallop once to race a big truck up the hill, but she talked me out of it. I saw a big flock of pigeons down by the dairy barn. At first, it just looked like the frosty field was moving, but then I saw it was birds. I would have liked to go galloping through them, but the fields are too muddy now.

It was nice getting out in the neighborhood to check on everything. We will have fewer and fewer of those opportunities now with winter on it's way. It's snowing a bit now, and it looks very peaceful drifting lazily through the outside light. The ground is just coated as if you sprinkled powder sugar on everything. It's a good thing I grew all this chickie fluff around my ears. They are quite toasty.

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Bif said...

It sounds like you and Brita had a good time. I wish I could hack out with you... Mother never lets me do anything anymore. We could scare those pigeons together, like two grey horses of the apocalypse bearing down on them.
I get warm meals, too. I love warm mush.
It's not quite as cold here yet, but I am looking forward to it. I did grow all this coat, after all.
Good news on the cookie famine. Mother says she found a source. It is a great weight off my mind. Who says we have it easy?