Saturday, February 2, 2013


The long boring days of deep winter are best spent enjoying photos of warmer, cheerier days.  Here are some photos of the past year that have missed the blog.
Mom snapped this interesting photo of the thistle shadow.
It highlights and compliments my dapples.

Talk about "Casual Fridays".  Sometimes the best you can do is carve out a clean patch.

Brita did not do to badly considering that this is what she had to contend with.

And the other side.

We like this one because it is reminiscent of a John Frederick Herring painting.

In fact, a lot of JFH paintings look like me

And here, we include my pony friend Patriot.

Let me leave you with thoughts of warm days, green grass, and Queen Anne's Lace

1 comment:

Bif said...

I'm grey, too, WP, and I don't do that to Mother.

Maybe your mud is better up there?