Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I haven't seen an apple in over a year. They're not on my diet. I believed they had gone extinct.

We've been exploring new trails on our rides, and what's this? Snacks on the ground? Here are all the apples!

Mmmmmm! Crunchy! They've been hiding in this little pasture all along!

Apples as far as the eye can see!

And up in the TREES! What do I have to do to get to stay in this pasture?


Bif said...

So did Brita avert her eyes for a few moments of apple crunching goodness for you?

How is everything IR doing for you, anyway? I still only get Herballs or Withers & Withers IR cookies, but can't really complain...


William Pendleton said...

My health has been excellent. I get a lot of peanuts as treats. In the winter I get celery which is soooo good just because it's green.

But yes, I did get to enjoy that special apple! You must imagine I was reluctant to leave that spot!

Leah said...

looks like horsey heaven!