Thursday, April 7, 2011

Drainage Issues

While we are waiting for the fields and such to dry out, I've been taking my exercise along the roadside. It is straight, and level and provides excellent footing except for this one spot. Puddles are rather troublesome elements. From a distance, they reflect the clouds and the sky and appear to be a tear in the very fabric of reality through which a careless horse and rider might plunge to their deaths. A cautious horse will approach a puddle with care to ascertain it's actual depth and consistency.

See now, this amount of water will never dry up if allowed to sit here and muddle.

This water must be spread out on the road to dry.

What we need here is an experienced excavator like myself to deal with this properly.

Pptthhhh... What? Do I have some on my face?


Bif said...

Very proactive attitude!

Minus Pride said...

haha! That's so nice of you, maybe the county/state will hire you to help them!! :)

Christine said...

Can you tell me how you set up the 'William Figures Out Facebook' That's a pretty neat feature!!

Anonymous said...


Since you are experienced in the art of getting messing, I have a question for you. My grey mare has tail trouble. Each one of her tail hairs has little tiny, eentsy, black clumps all over each hair! What in the world is it, do you know? I can't find an answer to the problem anywhere. I've washed her tail but they are stubborn little spots and difficult to remove all of them. I hope it's not a fungus or something! Do you know of anything I should put on it?

Earger Reader of your Blog and Rider of a Grey

SmartAlex said...

Christine, if you want to email me at I will tell you how to set up a blog on FB.

William Pendleton said...

Brita was not very pleased with how my excavation affected my tail, especially since it was just washed last week. I'll bet it gets washed again this weekend.

As for your black clumps. Hmmm... hard to tell what they are. When Brita washes my tail, she uses Quicsilver and washes twice. Then she puts in some Infusium Leave In Conditioner, and picks through the whole tail. When picking, she runs her fingers down nearly each and every hair, and I imagine that takes care of any residue there might be before it is able to dry again.

We've also heard of some of our friends using hot water and white vinegar to soak the tail in before shampooing. I imagine THAT would eat through your stubborn black clumps.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the advice! I still don't know what the little black specks were but I washed her tail with diluted Apple Cider Vinegar and even though some specks were still on the hairs immediately after washing, the next day they were/are gone! Whatever it was, vinegar was not it's friend. You are an intelligent horse, Grey!

Eager Reader of Your Blog

My Cocoa Latte (Kate and Julia) said...

Liking mud must run in the family. Your blog was shared with me by another rider at my barn, as I am your sister! We have the same mom, Attache's Galatea, but different fathers. I am My Cocoa Latte, currently in the process of getting registered with ASHA. My owner and I live in Florida and I am training to be shown in the Country Pleasure class with my rider and 11-year old girl. You look like our Mom, she has the same coloring as you, she also lives in Florida, about 30 minutes from me. I look like my dad, a Bay. If you would like, I will share a picture of myself and rider at our first show. It is very nice to meet you!

Roxie said...

OMG, Grey. <3

William Pendleton said...

How wonderful to find that Mom is alive and well. we had not heard from her since she went to TSE, but she brought a good enough price that we hoped she had happily retired.

Do you go by Cocoa or Latte? Or something completely different? You must have been the foal she was carrying when sje sold, so we are also glad to hear that YOU are alive and well since you had never been registered.

We would love to see pictures of you, and if you could get one of our Mom that would be very special.

Kate said...

I go by Cocoa. Yes, I am the foal she was carrying when Mom went to TSE. I was born in TN, but moved to FL when I was young. I lived with my Mom and some other ASBs with a man bought Mom (he is a farrier).

He brought me to a nice barn with lots of kids and to be trained. That is where I met my people family. They tell me they fell in love with me the first time they say me! When the farrier man thought I was ready for a forever family, the lady bought me as a suprise for the girl for her 11th birthday. We have been inseperable ever since!

Mom lives at a very nice stable and is pregnant again! The lady at the stable where Mom lives makes show clothes, so my family has to go there in a few weeks to get my girl a new vest, so I will have them take a picture of her and send it to you if you send me your owner's e-mail.

I am so happy to find a sibling of mine and can't wait to hear about all our adventures and will keep up with your blog regularly

Love you little sister, Cocoa

William Pendleton said...

You can reach us at We will be looking forward to hearing about your adventures. Isn't the internet a marvelous thing?