Monday, November 1, 2010

Get out and Vote! we can put away these spooky signs. They make unexpected moves in the wind, and creep me out.


Jason said...

I like the label "Monsters". It does an excellent job of describing most career politicians ! Got my voter registration card and DL prepared already ! This is my "debut" election as a Candian-American ! :)

Leah said...

I know Grey, all of these political signs and ads scare me too. . . I wish they would go away too. said...

To the Honorable William Pendleton, Esq.
My people think that you and I could be related some how. I do not know how. I am from Holland and much older than you. But they say that we act very similar. I am also afraid. No, wait not really afraid, let us say startled by all those crazy sign too! I am a Dutch warm blood. We are not afraid of anything. Startled works better.
I live in Maine with 9 of my friends. Sometimes I get really silly and take myself out for a walkabout. I do not go far. Just to the neighbors. However, sometimes I do go the long way through the woods. My people started to call me Columbus but I prefer Magellan. It sounds noble. Keep in touch,

Your Friend to the East.

P.S. I love this time of year!! A little chill in the air and I get extra bouncy. I think my people put extra frogs in my hooves so I can jump, leap and piaffe higher.

P.S.S. Are all of your people dressing strangely? My people all started wearing orange this week. They have matching hats and vests. Some of my mates are wearing orange halter scrunchies. Are they trying to match the leaves? They look silly. Do you think I should wear orange too? Do your people ever dress you in orange? I am chestnut. It would look good on me. I am not sure if it would look good on a grey. Maybe later in the year our people will start to wear a color that will look good on both of us.
P.P.S.S. I do not want you to think that you would not look good in orange. What I meant is that there are probably other colors that you would look better in, like navy blue. One of my mates is grey and our people put a orange halter scrunchy on him. It is not such a good look for him.

Your friend,